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December 7, 2008

eur08 3D Artist Book

eur08 3d Artist Book
8 x 10 inchs, 12 plates (12 pages)
four color Screen Printed
anaglyphic 3-d
on black French paper
signed/numbered edition of 100

sold out, thx!

This book comes from drawings made while traveling in Europe last summer. First in Denmark with family, which was very peaceful, and later while showing posters at Zstock in Tilburg and Flatstock in Hamburg. It was most fun showing the 3d posters. I like that people really stare into the drawings on the 3d prints ..and say oooh and ahhh! which is great.

When I got back home and began planning out a book of the sketchbook drawings, it made sensto make it a 3d book.

Click below for videos and process pics showing how the 3d is put together and very basic bookbinding.

This beat up sketchbook traveled many miles this summer..

At first thought, laying out the book on two 18 x 24 inch sections seemed like it would be about as much work as two 18 x 24 posters, but after I was into it a couple of weeks, it became obvious that it was closer to 10 posters worth of layout work.

Each level of depth in each panel consists of 3 or 4 photoshop layers, the last 2 being the red and blue line drawings that create the 3d effect.

Eventually all those layers get punched out, combined, and deleted until there are only four left, one for each color ink that will hit the paper. I send those files to Steve at D&L Printing who dead-eyes the color, prints them perfectly, and ships me the resulting bubble wrapped brick of fine printed material.

Print order: opaque tan - transparent green - red - blue

Putting the book together.

A couple pieces of are wood nailed together to make a V shaped jig to hold each book in place to awl the holes for the binding chord. The piece of chipboard is marked to indicate about where the 3 holes will be.

bookbinding 101

100 books signed, numbered and slid into archival sleeves (with 3d glasses & extra treats) ready to ship.

Posted by John at December 7, 2008 12:29 AM

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